Vedic astrology is a gift of the Vedic times to the world. Many people in India and around the globe rely on this ancient science.

Astrological prediction relies on horoscopes or janma kundali. The horoscope shows an alignment of the planets and stars at the time of the birth of a person. Astrologers or soothsayers are well-versed in reading the horoscopes and predicting the effect of these planets on the life of the person.

The Vedic astrology helps to understand the karmic influences. It encourages people to generate good karma by doing good deeds. The concept of karma brings out the best in people and helps them attain moksha. Guiding people to perform right karma can help people overcome the harmful effect the planets have in one's life.

Though scientists term Vedic astrology as pseudoscience, the faith people have in Astrology has not wavered. On the contrary, the popularity seems to be on the rise with more competent astrologers taking their skills online.

The blog highlights the top 10 Vedic Online Astrology and horoscope websites popular among the Indian audience.

1. Puja N Pujari is a website that provides an end-to-end solution for all your spiritual needs. From consulting an excellent astrologer online to getting items necessary for all the puja related materials such as puja samagri, yantras, and more puja N pujari provides everything for resolving your questions.

They also ensure you have enough spiritual information such as muhurats, festival dates at your fingertips with our application. Based on feedback from your astrologer if you have to visit certain temples for puja, we can help you book temple services through our online website and application.

2. Astroyogi offers a wide range of astrological services to their clients. Tarot card reading, Fengshui Guidance, Palm reading, horoscope reading is to name a few. They even allow you to talk to top astrologers of India, for people worldwide.

3. ClickAstro is one of the leading websites in Vedic astrology. They have an app for android users. Users find that the application gives you entirely accurate results. They offer various astrological services such as Marriage horoscope, career horoscope, personal and daily horoscope for free. They even offer in-depth readings and expert advice in case you have further queries on your reports.

4. Astrotalk offers a free session for people using the application for the very first time. From then on, based on their feelings, people are welcome to try their paid versions. Astrotalk uses a unique method based on case studies for hiring the best astrologers across the country. The selection method has proven to be successful, as more and more people are happy with their readings. They provide varied services such as daily horoscope, kundali readings, and more.

5. Astrosage is one of the software used by both astrologers and ordinary people alike to get predictions. It is used primarily to create kundali. Besides this, the application offers numerology calculations in 9 regional languages, muhurats, panchang, and Bhadra calculations.

6. Established in 2004, Onlinejyotish provides free and online Vedic astrological services. They offer chat and live astrology consultation for more accurate predictions. Horoscope reading, panchanga, and Rashiphal are other services provided by the online site.

7. Futurepointindia has been providing online services in Vedic astrology for a long time. They excel in providing both online and face-to-face readings. They offer varied services inclusive of Tarot card reading, Palmistry, Vedic Astrology, and Numerology. Some of their exclusive horoscope features are Bhrigu Patrika, Kundli Darpan, Kundali Milan, Lal Kitab Horoscope, and Varshphal. They also provide Genuine Astrological Products and Gemstones according to date of birth.

8. Astroved is among the top 10 leading online astrological service providers. Similar to their competitors, they provide consultations and remedies from renowned astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, Vaastu practitioners and more. They offer their services in many regional languages of India, apart from English.

9. Ganeshaspeaks started in 2003, is a popular website that defines personalities and forecasts precisely. Powered by Bejan Daruwala who rose to fame for his accurate predictions, the site enjoys the trust of millions of Indian Citizens. They are also the first website which started predicting the BSE and NSE stock markets.

10. mPanchang offers a wide range of services related to astrology. Innovana Think labs Ltd. provides the facility for mPanchang and has over a million followers worldwide. mPanchang claims to be a one-stop solution for all the questions in your life. They offer daily, weekly, and monthly prediction services for free based on your zodiac sign.

The above sites provided are compiled from various sources on the internet. We have tried our best to include the best of the top 10 sites or mobile applications. Let us know your feedback and your experiences with the sites. You can even let us know if you use a different website to get accurate predictions.