Before buying the mattress, you need to fix its size based on the number of people you sleep, lifestyle, and your comforts. There are four different sizes in mattresses, such as King Size, Queen Size, Double, and Single. If you are alone, then Single Size Mattress is good enough. And the Double Size one is for couples, but its width makes you quiet discomfort. In such a case, the Queen Size feels good to sleep without any issues. Finally, the King Size Mattress is the ultimate one, which contains the largest width size that you can relax in any direction/angle.

Material of the Mattress:

For any mattress, the material used for it is very important because it allows you to sleep with full of comforts or discomfort. There are two important layers, such as Comfort Layer and Support Layer.

Comfort Layer:

When we talk about the Comfort Layer, it is made up of different materials, such as Memory Foam, Latex Foam, Gel Foam, and HR (High Resilience) Foam.

Memory Foam:

  • Most of the consumers want to purchase the Memory Foam mattress because of its durability. With the help of this qualitative memory foam bed, we can maintain the right posture without any back pains by placing the spinal cord in the horizontal direction.
  • The consumer needs to worry about bacteria or allergy issues because it provides anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic functionalities.

Latex Foam:

  • It consumes the sweat and protects from the dust allergies.
  • The Latex Foam Mattress will relax your body much more than Memory Foam.

Gel Foam:

  • This type of Gel Foam-material Mattress will help when the temperature is too hot.

High Resilience (HR) Foam:

  • Moreover, the High Resilience Foam mattress will also give comfort and durability.

Support Layer:

Apart from Comfort Layer, it is also essential for the consumers to check the material in the Support Layer. It possesses different layers in this type, such as Bonnell Springs, Coir, PU Foam, and Pocket Springs.

Bonnell Springs:

  • The Shape of the mattress is not damaged because it uses wires or rods at the bed’s borders.
  • It maintains the weight with the uniform distribution that does not overweigh or less weight.


  • Even though the temperature is hot, it maintains your body cool.
  • When compared to other types of mattresses, it intakes and retains the moisture up to 10%.

PU Foam:

  • One of the most advantages of PU Foam material type is foldable. Yes, you can fold the mattress and keep it aside so that it consumes less space.
  • Apart from the above types, the cost of this PU Foam bed is low, so anyone can purchase it.

Pocket Springs:

  • If you want to sleep with a luxury-feel, then you must purchase the Pocket Springs mattress.
  • The springs included used in these mattresses will maintain the weight accordingly to provide a better experience to the consumers.

Features of the Mattress:

The consumer always gives high priority to the features of any product before they buy it. That’s why we provide the full features’ list of the mattress in this article. So, check-out these functionalities before you purchase the mattress.

  • Due to dust, sweat, and other body infections, the mattress’s upper layer becomes unhygienic and causes skin issues. If the mattress cover is removable, then we can either wash it out or buy a new cover. Thus, we can get rid of these skin allergies and enjoy a relaxable sleep.
  • We know about the foldable mattress, but some of the mattresses are reversible also. It means you can use both sides of the mattress to sleep. And, you can use the bed for more years compared to other types.
  • In these modern days, most of the people are facing back pains, spinal cord issues, etc. For all those, mattress manufactures came up with the orthopedic mattresses. If you have any joint pains, back pains, or spinal issues, then go with this orthopedic mattress.
  • In addition to the above, the manufacturers developed different mattresses, especially for the side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.


A consumer’s mindset is different and varies from one person to the other when it comes to the budget. Some want to purchase the luxurious mattress, which includes all functionalities, such as ortho, spring, etc. But the middle-class people cannot afford the heavily priced beds. Earlier, the people go to store or shop for purchasing the mattress, but the digital world changed everything. And everyone became digitized and buying the products online.

Online portals are also providing exciting offers that can afford by all groups of people. Even with less money over online shopping, they can get the best mattress in India. As we know, the price increases when the features of the mattress increase, but less when compared to the retail stores. For example, the King Size of the bed cost more compared to the Single Bed.


Finally, the warranty also plays a deciding factor in buying the mattress or not. The warranty of the mattress should be 10 to 20 years depending upon its cost & features. At the same time, it must include the warranty for damages like border damage, broken covers, etc.

To sum up everything, the above factors are important in choosing the best mattress for a better, hygienic, and relaxed sleep. Apart from the above, you must consider the weight, delivery date, and product-return policies when purchasing it from the online portals.