Technology back up has made our life easier and comfortable as it was never before. It has brought several lives changing modern equipment that can correctly do a laborious job in few minutes. Yes! I am talking about daily laundry, which is the essential part of our daily routine but time-consuming. So homemakers of this generation could not imagine her household without a washing machine.

But it is tough to select a washing machine, as there are so many companies, claiming their product as the best one. Now to make a way out, here we are featuring a guideline about how to buy a washing machine. What facts you should keep in mind when going to buy the washing machine for the first time.

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Facts to Consider While buying Washing Machine:-

There are so many myths and realities playing in the mind when we think about buying a washing machine, and some of them genuinely misguide us. Now once you are determined to buy the appliance, you should know some of the detail features of the washing machine. Such as

  • Capacity: There are varieties of washing machine available in the market with different capacity. You have to consider two or three facts before choosing the right one for your home. Such as—
    • Number of heads in your family, so that you can decide what amount of laundry you can wash at a time.
    • Measurement of the space you have fixed to install the machine.
  • Your Budget: So, after sorting out the solution of the above facts and your preferred brands, you have selected the capacity you want. Each brand of washing machine marked as 5kg, 6 kg or 10 kg which indicates the ability of a washing machine. We often confuse as the weight of the device, but it means the load of the dry clothes you can wash at a time. So when we see a washing machine with 7 kg capacity, it means that you can put up to 7 kgs dry cloths into the machine at a time for a perfect cleaning.

Things to remember about the capacity of a washing machine:-

  • A washing machine with 12 kg. Capacity does not mean that exactly 12 kg of laundry you can physically fit into your machine. It completely depends on the size of clothes. So it’s fine to buy a washing machine with a big drum capacity than you require so that you don’t have to struggle with your laundry to get space into the machine.
  • Select the drum size according to your need. How often you need to wash, how big your household is, the kind of laundry, whether it is heavily soiled or light, plays a vital role in selecting the perfect size.
  • We do not often put the same type of clothes for a wash. But how can we measure the right capacity? In average 1 kg is equal to—
  • Five shirts or
  • One shirt, two jeans or
  • Two bath towel.

Types of Washing Machine in India:-

A washing machine has been categorized by the position of loading the clothes into two kinds mainly –

  • Automatic washing machine.
  • Semi-automatic washing machine.

In the case of automatic machines, there come two more types. Such as –

  • Top load.
  • Front Load.

So after depending on the above facts, we can divide washing machine into the following types –

  • Fully automatic washing machine: A fully automatic washing machine can operate with the touch button. This type of washing machine consists of a single tub that performs the double role of washer and dryer. A fully automatic machine can be front or top loaded where there is prefixed programme button.
  • Semi-Automatic washing machine: Semi-automatic washing machines come with top loading and twin tubs. In twin tub system washing and drying is done in two separate chambers. As it is semi-automatic, so the machine has to fill up with water before you start washing and the washed clothes need to be moved into the dryer manually.
    • Front Load: Front load washing machine is fully automatic and super comfortable as you switch on and put the required washing powder and forget. It takes water itself and consumes less water and save energy. As a result, you get better cleaning.
    • Top load washing Machine: Top loading options may come with both semi and fully automatic machine. You have to load the clothes by opening the top portion. The top loading fully automatic washing machine is slim in design so that they can fit in narrow space. Moreover, people who have problems in bending can fill up the clothes in standing position.

Wash Programme:-

Modern washing machines are incorporating new features every day, so you have to decide carefully what kind of programme you want from your machine. Modern washing machines are prefixed with all types of schedule—from a quick wash to child lock and hand wash to overloaded dirt. Let us check the programmes.

  • Fuzzy logic: Fuzzy Logic is a programme that gives extraordinary washing to heavy soiled clothes. This option is one-touch control and regulates all the process like water temperature, water quantity, and wash time, rinsing and spinning. This programme saves power and washes efficiently consuming less water.
  • Delicate washing: Almost all types of automatic washing machine have this programme to ensure fine clothes’ shelf life. This wash programme is almost like hand wash, so it is also known as hand wash programme. The machine follows some especial rules like gentle spin, slow tumbling etc. Ideal for woollen goods and very sensitive fabricated garments.
  • Synthetic or Cotton wash: Modern washing machines are coming up with the separate programme for different fabric. So to meet up the customer’s need, there is an option for cotton clothes, as they need a mild hot wash and good spin to dry. Whereas, synthetic fabric needs a cold rinse and light spin.
  • Programme for sports garment: Sports garment means lot more sweat and odours, so they need a super clean wash with a gentle spin.
  • Quick wash: There are options like the quick wash, in which you can wash daily wear. This programme takes only 15 to 20 minutes to complete, soap ideal for washing school uniform and light garments.

Other Features:-

There are a lot more to say about a washing machine. Such as –

  • Temperature control: All updated versions of washing machine have an inbuilt heater that helps to regulate the water temperature.
  • Pre-soak and late time option: Some over stained clothes needs soaking for hours. The pre-soaking feature allows your clothes for a specific time and then starts washing automatically.
  • Auto dispense: All automatic washing machines have this feature to dispense detergent, starch as per required at the right time.
  • Dry spin: there are options to give your clothes which are heavy like denim and bed sheets, a super dryness. It’s beneficial during monsoon.
  • Time Display: it’s a useful feature that displays the washing time and countdown begins with the switch on.
  • Child lock: Child lock is essential for child safety. With the door safety lock, your child will never be able to operate the machine.
  • Special care for baby clothes: with this feature the machine wash the baby clothes at high temperature that needs several washes to remove the detergent completely.
  • In top loading models there comes an option to fix the water level to avoid wastage of water.

Lastly, we hope the above guideline will be quite helpful to choose a perfect washing machine for your sweet home to assist you to manage your household works more perfectly.