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You are in the right place in search of offers on Licious website and mobile app, Paisacoupon India bring you the latest offer and coupon codes which are manually verified by our executives. Paisacoupon rightly claims itself to be India's best coupons destination. Offers are available from the... Read More

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Licious New User Offer – Flat 30% Discount + Free Delivery

If you are ordering Meat, Chicken, Fish or any other meat items for the first... Read More
August 31, 2025 11:59 pm GET CODE EW30
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Licious New User: 20% Off on First Order

Like every online shopping website, Licious has an exciting offer for new user... Read More
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Stop Paying for Unwanted Pieces @Licious

Order today from Licious and pay only for pieces that are to be used. Stop... Read More
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Upto 25% off on Kebab range of items

At Licious you can get ready to cook kebabs and get upto 25% off on kebabs.... Read More
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20% Off on Prawns Medium w/o Tail

Now it is time to order Prawns online, Licious is the best place to order. Get... Read More
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Get upto 18% Off on Combos at Licious

Buy combos and get upto 18% off on meat and sea food. The range of combos... Read More
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Upto 20% Off on Licious Weekend Special Offer

Order meat online on this weekend and get upto 20% off. Licious weekend special... Read More
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Upto 15% Off on Chicken Mince & 20% Extra for New user

At Licious you can order chicken mince at 15% lower than local market. And... Read More

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Paisacoupon for Licious Offers

Paisacoupon India has extended its extremely resourceful services to provide Licious offers and coupon codesto the users.

As widely known, Licious is a seafood and meat providing company known across the country for its top-tier services.

Quality comes at a cost, and so does the services that Licious bestows us. Not anymore, Paisacoupon India is showcasing coupon codes for the customers.

Why choose us over other stores?

Food is an ineluctable part of our day. We cannot call it a day without getting proper access to food. Also, non-vegetarian food items like meat products or seafood are always on the top list of everybody’s favourite. We cannot think of a single person who can compromise on the quality of non- vegetarian food. Everyone is well aware of the exemplary services provided by the premium company ‘Licious.’

At Paisacoupon India, we do the work of serving you happiness on the platter with an added guarantee of lower prices. We are sure that it will make your eating experience a merrier one. But, how are we different from other sites who claim give similar discounts on licious today and why should you choose us above everyone?

We have something in the box for every customer of ours. We make confident that no one from our site goes empty-handed and disappointed. Whether you have just discovered an old acquaintance or us, the Licious offer coupon codes are available for everyone with certain limitations.

Licious gives the new user an elite one time offer on their first delivery. This can be seen as a token of a wholehearted and warm welcome. Paisacoupon India brings to your service the freshest and delicious stock of meat and seafood straight from Licious’s kitchen. We recognize the skill with which you save your money and streamline your budget. All of it remains maintained under us. We take care of your budget constraints and bring you latest coupons from Licious which comes in hand to avail discount while checkout.

You can apply the coupon code at Licious to get discount in a very straightforward manner. Unlike others, our site does not exasperate our customers with numerous ads and ‘Expired or Invalid coupon’ errors. We assure you that you will not find a better place than Paisacoupon India to find Licious coupon codes and offers.

Precautions while Ordering Meat and Seafood Online

  • Ensure that the coolants, dunnage and the shipping container are ample to keep the non- vegetarian products at a safe temperature.
  • Keep a close check on the hygiene rating and reviews of the place that you order from. Requisite hygiene credentials are much more important than your favorite food.
  • Whatever food you order, make sure it comes in a container with adequate open space and does not suffocate the food, increasing dampness. This can deteriorate the quality of your seafood.
  • Look out for a pungent or decaying smell from the parcel that you receive. It is an indicator of the bad condition of your food. However, if you follow your nose and end up getting a minor odor, this is not a sign to worry.
  • To check for cross-contamination, ensure that the raw seafood does not come in contact with the already cooked or ready- to – eat seafood.
  • If your seafood comes red in color and pearly- opaque, you should go for it.

Benefits of ordering seafood and meat online

  • If you deal with us, the best value is already guaranteed, and you can assume it safely delivered at your doorstep.
  • Within a few moments of placing an order, avail exciting offers and discounts. Save your money while enjoying the fun.
  • A bother free 2-3 step process of redeeming your coupon.
  • Time is money, and your favorite food’s online delivery saves your time, energy, and money. What else can be best? You get handpicked food at your doorstep at easily affordable prices.
  • You get to choose from a wide variety of seafood options and select your favorite accordingly. However, it would not have been possible if you would visit every physics store individually.
  • The order you receive is filled with freshness till the brim.
  • You get healthy nutrition. When you go shopping down the lane, you can never make out if the seafood placed in the supermarket is fresh or not. However, online stores guarantee high-quality seafood and meat delivery and do not take the risk of selling old, stale products. You can be blindfolded to go for ordering your next seafood online.

Paisacoupon India gives you the chance to grab their licious offer codes, Licious offer coupon codes and many more exciting discounts.

What should I do to avail of this exciting offer?
Visit and drop your offer wish in the search box. All the available offers for your relevant search will show up in no time, and you can apply for the licious offer today that you are eligible for.

Should I wash licious chicken?
For precautionary measures it is advisable to always wash the consumable items which you bring it from out side or you ordered it online. There is no special previliage for licious chicken too, you get it in a better way when compared to local butcher shop. But washing is always suggested.

What is the Price of Licious Chicken? Chicken Cut Type Weight Cost
1 Chicken Tangdi – Biryani Cut 550 GMS 259/-
2 Chicken Curry Cut (Small Pcs) 500 GMS 135/-
3 Chicken Breast – Boneless 450 GMS 256/-
4 Chicken Curry Cut Small – Value Pack 1 KG 232/-
5 Chicken Curry Cut (Large Pcs) 500 GMS 165/-
6 Chicken Drumstick 500 GMS 235/-
7 Chicken Liver 350 GMS 49/-
8 Chicken – Whole, With Skin 1100 GMS 335/-
9 Chicken Biryani Cut (Meatier) 500 GMS 179/-
10 Chicken Wings – With Skin 430 GMS 160/-
11 Chicken Lollipop 10 Pieces 145/-