Honey has been one of the staple ingredients of India for centuries now. Another reason it is becoming famous is because it a substitute for sugar. It is of no doubt that in the times of such high technology, adulteration is a common phenomenon. However, to derive the benefits of the actual honey, you need to make sure that the kind of honey you are buying is of the purest form and of best quality. It needs to be original and organic.

Below are 10 different Indian brands of honey that are of top-notch quality.

    1. Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey

Bonphool natural is a brand that brings to you pure and organic mangrove honey from the forests of mangrove, located in the Sundarbans. The honey is collected by Maulis, traditional honey collectors, as well as the fishermen who are placed in protected and safe camps of different remote forests in sustainable apiaries. What this does is reduces the risk to the lives of the collectors as well as tiger incidences. The boxes of the apiaries provide a livelihood that is safe for the collectors of the honey with the daily yield of honey which is almost double than that collected from the wild bees.

      1. Indigenous Honey

The all-pure honey by Indigenous stimulates your metabolism and prevents you from common cold and flus. The honey of this brand has superior taste and tastes better than the conventional honey that you get from the stores. Due to the same reason, the price of the honey from this brand also varies and is different from the prices that you get in the market. The prices are bound to be higher than the usual honey bottles that you get in the stores due to the fine and pure quality of the honey.

    1. Saffola Honey

Saffola Honey is absolutely pure and organic and has all the benefits of honey. It is 100% sugar-free. Honey is highly beneficial for losing weight. Hence, this is the honey for weight loss. You can purchase the Saffola Honey from both offline retails stores as well as online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Grofers, Bigbasket. For the more, this honey is rich in antioxidants which further works as an immunity booster. Along with this, it has went through the recent NMR test and was among the very few brands of honey that don’t adulterate their product.

    1. Patanjali Honey

Patanjali it’s a brand that is known for using absolutely natural and Ayurvedic ingredients in its products. One of their all natural and organic products is their raw honey. It’s honey is derived from the fresh bees as well as the nectar of the flowers. The honey of this brand is highly rich in nutrients as well as minerals. Additionally, it also is high in vitamins as well as the other nutrients that are present in honey.

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    1. Apis Himalaya Honey

Another best quality honey is the one by Apis Himalaya. They strive and aim to bring all natural and original honey. It is absolutely sugar-free. You have the option of buying the Apis Himalaya honey through both. The online as well as the offline mode. It is a brand has won the title of “honey specialist” after giving us honey for so many years. It furthermore strives to deliver the best quality of honey that has all the nutrients as well as the benefits of raw honey.

    1. Dabur Honey

If you are a honey-lover, we are sure that you must have heard the name of this brand, which is Dabur. One of the most famous products sold by Dabur is its honey. It has been in the market for quite a few decades now and there is absolutely no doubt that it is among the highest quality honey available in India, at the moment. It is again 100% sugar free, it is 100% pure honey with no added sugar. It goes under over 60 different tests that check the adulteration level of the honey and has passed all of them.

    1. DADEV Honey

The honey provided to you by this brand, i.e. DADEV, is of very high quality. It delivers you absolutely organic and pure honey so that you have a great experience with the superior taste of their honey. It helps you in weight loss and helps in boosting your digestion. It further acts as an immunity booster and also helps in curing constipation, in both adults and children.

    1. Vanalaya Forest Honey

The Vanalaya Forest honey is made from indigenous resources that are collected from natural sources. The honey or the honey syrup are not imported from china. They are completely sourced from the beekeepers available in India. Their honey is free from any sort of added sugar or antibiotics. There are no traces of pesticides or antibiotics. The bees that are used for the honey are not fed with sugar and the honey is collected directly from the forest where the bees collect honey from the nectar.

    1. 24 Mantra Organic

  • Another great brand is 24 Mantra. Their honey is 100% natural and pure. Furthermore, their honey is unheated, and pasteurised as well as unprocessed. They do not add any artificial sugars, flavours, colours or additives. This helps in preserving the natural flavour as well as the benefits of honey in it. It is collected from the forest areas which are free from any type of fertilisers as well as pesticides. If you’re looking to lose weight, honey is a great option. You can lose weight at a tremendous rate with honey. You can combine it along with lemon in some lukewarm water and drink it early in the morning before having your breakfast. It is one of the most famous and celebrated recipe when it comes to weight loss.

    1. Farm Naturelle

  • Last up on this list is this brand, Farm Naturelle. There are several factors which make the money of this brand different from the other brands of honey. First up is that it is certified from the governing bodies that the honey is organic. It is chemical free and there are no artificial adulterations is made to the honey during the processing of the honey. The second factor is that the honey is collected from an environment that is pesticide free and has pollutants that are environmental-friendly and do not harm the honey in any way. For this, the farmer of the honey meets with rigorous monitoring as well as the testing criteria so that it is ensured that the organic beehives are free of any sort of chemical residues.

    Honey in Ayurveda

    As mentioned above, honey is being used for different purposes since a very long time. It was referred to as “Madhu”, back in the Ayurvedic period and was considered one of the most important medicines that was required for healing in Ayurveda. During that period, it was used for both internal as well as external application. Various injuries or bones have been treated with the help of honey like eye diseases, thirst, cough, blood in vomit, obesity, vomiting, stomach, diarrhea, leprosy, diabetes, phlegm, thirst, hiccups and was also used for healing wounds.

    Furthermore, it was used as natural sweetener as well as a natural preservative in various preparations related to Ayurveda. Along with this, it is used as a vehicle with some medicines so as to improve their efficacy or to mitigate the side-effects of the various medicines that were being mixed with honey. There were different names by which honey was referred to. Some of them are- madhu, makshika, madwikam, makshika, kshaudram, vantham, varadi, bringavantham, saradham and pushparasolbhavam. It was also believed that there are at least eight different types of honey namely- chathram, daalam, ouddalakam, pauthikam, bhraamaram, makshikam, kshaudram and aardhyam.


    We will be answering some of the most common questions that people often have when it comes to choosing the right form of honey as well as consuming it.

    Q1. Is honey Safe?

    Honey is absolutely safe as long as it is consumed in its raw form. It is healthy for both adults and children but can be dangerous for infants.

    Q2. Does honey expire?

    Honey that is original and raw never expires, even if you keep it for 2,000 years, it’ll still be fresh and consumable. However, the ones that have added sugar and are adulterated, have a shelf life of approximately 1-2 years. This is an indicator of whether you have bought adulterated honey or pure honey.

    Q3. What are the uses of honey?

    There are some surprising benefits of honey apart from just the benefits related to consuming. Firstly, it helps in healing of burns that you might’ve got and reduce the healing time. Furthermore, it can also help in improving both long-term and short-term memory, especially in women. Since, it won’t spike up your blood sugar levels, it can be consumed by diabetic patients, unlike sugar. Since honey also has antioxidant properties, it can also help in preventing or the treatment of cancer. Honey is being used for the treatment of both wounds and ulcers for a very long time now. It helps in sterilising the wounds and also promotes healing. Additionally, it also reduces the size of the wound, odour as well as the pain.

    Q4. Raw or processed which one is good?

    There is no question that things which are raw are fresher than processed ones. The same goes for honey as well. Raw honey is a lot more nutritious than the processed ones as the ones that are processed contain sugar or sweeteners which cannot be detected.

    Q5. What is adulterated honey?

    Adulteration refers mixing of different other substances into the original product so as to sell it. In this case, companies often add sugar or fructose into honey.

    Q6. How to identify original and adulterated honey?

    There are various ways in which adulterated and raw honey can be identified. One of the most basic and famous tests is the thumb tests where in you put some honey over your finger and try spilling it around. If it spreads like a runny liquid, then it is most probably adulterated as raw honey is thick in consistency and doesn’t spill around like the adulterated one.

    The next way is through the water test. For this, you take a spoon of honey and mix it in water. If your honey is adulterated or fake, it will immediately dissolve in the water whereas the original and pure honey would settle at the bottom of the water due to its dense and thick consistency.

    Another test is the flame test. Please make sure you are being supremely cautious before doing this test. In this, you take a dry matchstick and dip it into the honey. If the matchstick lights, your honey is pure and if it doesn’t, then it is fake as might contain some moisture due to the contamination.

    The next way is by using vinegar. Take vinegar essence and mix 2-3 of it with some honey. It there is foam due to this mixture, there is a high chance that the honey you have is adulterated and fake.

    The last method id the heat method. When you heat pure or raw honey, it does not become foamy and caramelizes quickly while the impure or adulterated one become bubbly and doesn’t caramelize on heating.

    Now that you have all the details about the uses as well as the benefits of honey along with the time since honey is being used, which is Ayurveda period, we hope you were able to gain a lot of knowledge from this. Along with this, we have provided you with the 10 most popular brands of honey in India, at the moment. Therefore, if you are planning to buy honey or want to switch to a healthier sweet option than sugar, then honey is the choice for and we hope the list given above was informational to you and that you were able to make a decision as to which brand’s honey you would want to buy.