Based up on the brand, features of the product, and expert’s reviews, we listed top 10 Wireless earphones that come under 2000. They are:

In this digital world, Bluetooth earphones play a prominent role in the people’s daily lives to hear their favorite music, talk without touching the phones, etc. Without them, no one is stepping out of their places. Bluetooth became a part of life along with the phone. It provides many benefits to the users in different ways that makes you works effortlessly. Along with that, we can also use the best Bluetooth earphones while running or cycling or doing workouts.

Most of the consumers had bit confusion in purchasing the Bluetooth earphones or Neckband in their budget. Many companies launched various brands with different types of specifications and with multiple colors. If you want to get the complete knowledge of top best Bluetooth earphones that provides best sound quality under 2000, follow this article till end.

Boat 235V2 Fast Charging Bluetooth headset:

To feel pleasant and a fast rhythm like jazz music, boat 235V2 is the best-branded sound quality Bluetooth. It equipped with a seamless workout experience and wore comfortably. The main feature of Boat 235V is fast charging technology. Item dimensions come under 1.29 meters*19.99 cm* 1.79 meters. The capacity of charging within 20 minutes is 4 hours, and the average battery life is 8 hours. It is available in blue, black, ash, and maroon colors. It ensures water resistance with IPX5 and also protects from sweat. A special feature indicates that a call vibration alert and designed for iPhone and all smartphones.

Moreover, headsets ensure with high HD sound quality features. It provides one year of warranty. Earphones ensure with secure access control and 10 m wireless range from the device. Finally, the price can be affordable by everyone. Headsets can be used in free times, such as running, playing, watching movies, and making it easier.


  • Water and Sweat Resistance
  • Provide best sound quality
  • Available in 4 types of colors, i.e., black, ash, blue and maroon
  • Ensure with Bluetooth connectivity technology
  • It weighs 31 grams
  • Dimensions of item come with 1.29m*19.99cm*1.79m.
  • One year of warranty
  • It playbacks up to 8 hours
  • For calls, Bluetooth exists with a call vibration alert.
  • HD Sound quality

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Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Realme headsets are a topmost brand seller in India and a sub-brand of Oppo. It manufactures Smartphones along with earphones. While coming to Realme buds, wireless Bluetooth earphones are available under 2000. This headset come under the fifth version and comes with mic. It provides a warranty of 6 months.

It ensures with an exceptional bass sound quality. Furthermore, Realme buds protect with water and sweat. It built with magnetic earbuds and applicable with auto on and off features for seamless audio connection. A well-designed neckband provides comfort in wearing and feels a soft touch and it not a deal-breaker. Wireless earphones help in pausing and playing the playback music.

Moreover, Bluetooth offers 12 hours of battery life for a single charge. Battery charges within one and a half hours (1.5). It surrounds the dimension of 10 m. It coupled with the three buttons remote option that controls your music, handles the calls, and with Google assistant for tactile inline buttons.


  • 110mAh battery implicit with fast charging capacity
  • Available in yellow and black, green, and orange colors
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Exists with 12 hours of battery life
  • Wireless earphones cover dimensions within 10m
  • Built with magnetic earbuds
  • Provides high sound quality
  • Ensure with auto on and off feature for seamless audio connections
  • Sweat Resistant

Samsung C&T ITFIT Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Samsung C&T ITFIT Bluetooth Wireless Earphones come with 10mm high-quality driver with high sound quality and IPX3 Splash proof. It is a flexible neckband and feels a soft touch, and the Samsung Bluetooth offers only two colors, i.e., stylish black and blue with black. It can attach to all smartphones along with the iPhone. While talking, there is no distortion and hear a cleaned tone at an adjustable volume.

It covers massive looks and supports the neckband with magnetic earbuds while running or moving on the bike. It provides 6 months of replacement warranty. Let’s talk about the hands-free operation; it ensures track control and secures the headsets by magnetic earbuds. The life of the battery is for 6 hours for a single charge. It exists with active noise cancellation. Finally, it is the best-branded product and ensures with excellent sales.


  • Provide Flexible Neckband in 10mm high sound quality
  • 6 hours of battery life for a single charge
  • 6 months of warranty
  • Earbuds ensure with track control and Mic
  • It built with magnetic earbuds that secure from dropping down while playing sports and while riding on the bike.
  • Wireless headphones exist with IPX3 Splash Proof.
  • Compatible with Smartphones along with iPhone.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth Headset:

Wireless headsets built with low latency and compatible with all smartphones and iPhones. Oneplus wireless Bluetooth exists with wrap charge technology and equipped with the latest V5.0 version. It expected with one year of warranty with massive playtime up to 20 hours for 10 minutes of charge that provide approximately 10 hours of music. Also, it avails in black, blue, oat, and mint colors. Neckband can use while running and playing sports.


  • Provide 1 year of warranty
  • Comes with wrap charge technology
  • Available with features of the quick switch, quick pair, and magnetic control.
  • Massive playtime of 20 hours life for a single charge
  • 10m wireless range
  • Exhibits low latency mode
  • Avail with mic
  • Rain Resistance and sweat proof
  • Best Wireless earphones under your budget

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband Earphones

Boult wireless earphones ensure with the highest sale at low cost. Boult Audio ProBass curve wireless exhibits with 4.2 version of Bluetooth and 10 m of wireless range. It is ideal for rigorous workouts, running, and sports. It also one of the best Bluetooth earphones that comes under 2000. Let’s know more about headsets by following the below points.

It ensures 10 hours of battery life for two hours of charging, and sometimes it provides two days of battery life.  Boult Headphones tackle with other companies. It is affordable for everyone and provides a high sound quality. Available of simple touch controls while lifting the calls, listening to the music, and controlling the volume. It exists with a massive feature of the voice assistant—the magnetic earbud, which helps untangled and prevents it from falling. Those magnets can attach the earbuds. Micro-woofers produce a grave face with noise cancellation in the bass. Finally, it uses off-axis magnetic technology.


  • Bluetooth provides a wireless range of 10 m
  • More than 10 hours of battery life exhibits
  • It produces one year Warranty.
  • High-sound quality with extra bass
  • Noise Isolating Aerospace grade AL Drivers
  • Avails in three colors, black, blue and red
  • Uses Off-axis magnetic technology
  • Durable-Flexi neckband
  • Sweat-proof headphone

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth 5.0 version of Mi Neckband earphones has massive sales. It charges within two hours that you can enjoy 8 hours for a single charge. It provides a dynamic bass output of sound quality with triple-band equalization. Wireless earphones design similar to the micro-arc design, and it fits properly to the neck. Headphones feel soft touch and make with a skin-friendly rubber material.

Furthermore, it provides 6 months of warranty. It covers 10 m of wireless range. Voice command helps to navigate and pick the calls and play the music while running. Most probably, used with high quality of material, and it flexible to everyone without any distraction.


  • The product exists with Bluetooth 5.0 version.
  • Earphones support till 10m of wireless range
  • Exists with a stylish micro-arc collar design
  • It produces 1 year of warranty
  • Moreover, It is skin-friendly and flexible to neck
  • Available in blue, black and red colors
  • Provide high quality of dynamic bass sound
  • It also enhances with triple-band equalization
  • Lightweight neckband
  • 10 hours of battery life for a single charge
  • 2 hours to charge the Bluetooth

Zebronics ZEB-SYMPHONY Bluetooth earphones:

Zebronics ZEB-SYMPHONY Bluetooth earphones are available at low cost and affordable by the common person. The product provides flexible neckband and gives a comfortable experience to the users. Also, it ensures water-resistance of heavy workouts, or drizzle, and light rain. For a single charge, we can able to listen to non-stop music till 12. ZEB-SYMPHONY Bluetooth tangled with magnetic earbuds and secure appropriately in running, playing sports, and while bike riding.


  • Avails 12 hours of battery life in a single charge
  • Ensures Water Resistance of light rain and sweat proof
  • 10 m of wireless range with 2.5 charging time
  • Exist with 1 year of warranty
  • Instantly, Bluetooth supports dual pairing of two devices
  • It exhibits with voice assistant and high sound quality

Infinity (JBL) Glide N120 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones:

It designed with metallic earbuds and built with high-quality sound and provides immerse music to the users. It avails in a combination of black & red and black & yellow colors. The expected battery life is for 7 hours and exists with dual equalizer modes. It comes with seamless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 Version. Finally, Wireless earphone exists with voice assistant integration and overcomes with weight distribution. The frequency of volume is 20 Hz-20 KHz and Impedance with 32ohm.


  • 7 hours of battery life of audio settings
  • IPX5 sweat proof with 12mm of dynamic driver
  • Exhibited with voice assistance integration
  • 1 year of warranty
  • 3 button remote of hand-free calling
  • Avail with Dual Equalizer modes for standard and deep bass
  • 5 hours of charging time
  • Comes with black & yellow and black & red

Wings Glide Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth wireless earphones overcome with blue, black, burgundy, lime green and olive green colors. It exists with a stable connection and stylish combination of matt finish button with mike. Moreover, it comes out of 10 hours of battery life. Bluetooth is compatible with all Android Smartphones, Windows, and iOS mobiles (iPhones, iPods, and iPads). It exists with explosive bass with dual modes of depth and narrow. Bluetooth wireless earphones come with three buttons of easy access controls.


  • Siri Google Assistant Control
  • Comes with 10 hours of battery life
  • Wireless headphones compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Avail with three buttons easy access control
  • It takes 1.5 hours for a full charge
  • Moreover, it ensures easy access control
  • Provide explosive sound quality around 10 m of wireless range
  • Available with 1 year of Warranty

CrossBeats Raga V2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones:

CrossBeats Raga V2 wireless Bluetooth outcome with different specifications and designed well. It creates with incredible bass boost speaker with mic. Wireless earphones ensure with IPX6 rainproof and sweat proof. Moreover, it integrates with hands-free call and audio controls. It comes over with 7-9 hours of battery life and charges with 1.5 hours—Bluetooth attains with advanced wireless noise cancellation headphones.


  • Provide 1 year of warranty
  • It overcomes with 7-9 hours of battery life.
  • Integrated with a hand-free call with audio control
  • The microphone features inferior noise cancellation and mic.
  • High sound quality with extra bass
  • Endure elements with IPX6
  • Secure with flexible and reliable comfort neckband

On the whole, the wireless earphones are the best way to keep your mind relaxed to listen to your favorite music tracks whenever you want. You can use the neckband earphones while running, cycling, and doing any other work or free time. Go through the above listed top 10 best wireless earphones under 2000 and purchase the one that loves you the most.